A full-service real estate investment firm

At BGR North Realty Group Inc.....

We believe that we can accomplish more together than apart. Building Great Relationships (BGR) is our philosophy in business and in life.

We are a full-service real estate investment firm [real estate, finance, construction & development] addressing low and medium density residential growth.

We are real estate investors first then developers and builders, providing a variety of residential home ownership options.

Through our:

We can help you achieve home ownership however that is defined.

We offer in-house expertise for design and functionality of drawings A to Z – from the initial consultation to the final product – for a seamless experience.

As real estate investors, we provide creative solutions to help finance home ownership. We understand that everyone's situation is unique, and we can work with you to reach your goals. Then we can also assist with growing your personal net worth through real estate investing.

Many think real estate development is easy. It is not. We understand the complexities of development projects and can assist land owners seeking A to Z turnkey solutions to build out projects for residential or commercial uses in Ontario and Alberta.

We design and build out our own BGR North Realty Group projects and provide a variety of solutions to fulfill occupancy.

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